Glenmere Mansion Day Trips

Sana: Playsuit  Zimmerman  | Sunglasses  Oliver People x The Row  | Shoes  Saint Laurent  | Hat  Forever 21  Saman: Clutch  Miu Miu  | Dress  Chloe  | Sun Hat  Pool to Party by Subtle Luxury

Sana: Playsuit Zimmerman | Sunglasses Oliver People x The Row | Shoes Saint Laurent | Hat Forever 21
Saman: Clutch Miu Miu | Dress Chloe | Sun Hat Pool to Party by Subtle Luxury

For Sana’s birthday, we knew we definitely wanted to get out of the sweltering heat in NYC and try out something new and different. By coincidence, our friends raved about Glenmere Mansion, a Tuscan-inspired estate only 1.5 hours from the city. Upon arrival, we were literally transported into an Italian country villa. This day trip was a great escape and style inspiration for our upcoming vacation in Italy. Stay tuned for our #NYitG Travel Edition.


Lululemon Wants to Dress You for Work


Sana: Pants & Top Lululemon Lab | Sunglasses Ray-ban Round Metal | Shoes Costume National
Saman: Fringe Top Apiece Apart | Wide Leg Pant Apiece Apart 

For Sana, working in a traditional business formal environment can get very monotonous at times, especially when she has to suit-up everyday to work. Although there is no better feeling than a power-suit, sometimes you just want to roll up in some athleisure and call it a day. Luckily for her, she was able to solve this issue by discovering the Lululemon Lab collection in Noho. With their monochromatic colors, technical fabrics and impeccable cuts, you can go straight from a business lunch to a Citi bike ride, without compromising style or comfortability.


New York it Girls Beginnings


Hello! We’re Sana and Saman, best friends who crossed paths in NYC. We immediately connected through our love for the city, our similar upbringing, passion for fashion, lifestyle and most importantly our obsession with black and leather. We knew right from the start we would make a great team.

A little bit about us: Sana is Indian and grew up in Dallas, Texas, and Saman is Pakistani and grew up in the Middle East. Now that we're in New York we are exposed to quite a bit of diversity, however we found that growing up as South Asian women, we were not always able to identify with most of the “it” girls we saw on TV, blogs, and in magazines. We’re proud of our ethnic heritage, and hope this blog can help broaden the idea of what an “it” girl can look like.  

We hope you’ll join us as we explore emerging fashion trends, personal style, travel, and making East meet West. We are thrilled to say we have officially launched.